Our offer Summer 2022 (June-September)


 Small packet 6h with the instructor *Big packet 10h with the instructor **
1 person840 PLN1400 PLN
2 people1440 PLN (720 PLN per 1 person)2400 (1200 PLN per 1 person)
3 people1800 PLN (600 PLN per 1 person)3000 PLN (1000 PLN per 1 person)
above 3 peopleindividual pricesindividual prices

6 full lessons with the instructor or 5 lessons with the instructor + 2 hours windsurf on your own

10 full lessons with the instructor or 8 lessons with the instructor + 4 hours windsurf on your own

One lesson (for beginners) – 160 PLN (per hour)

One lesson (for advanced) – 200 PLN (per hour)

All courses are with:

  • the qualified instructor
  • professional surf equipment
  • the safety vest
  • wetsuit


Level I - part.1
a) Setting up the equipment
b) Safety system training
c) Wind window theory
d) Safety rules
e) Emergency situations simulation

a) Steering and basic manoeuvers with trainer kite
220 PLN (1/1)*
250 PLN (1/2)*
Level I - part.2 (2h-4h)
a) Steering in low power zone
b) Power control
c) Body dragging downwind
d) Body dragging upwind
e) Safety system in the water
200 PLN (1/1)* for 1 hour
300 PLN (1/2)* for 1 hour
Level II - (6h)
- Body dragging to the board, retriving the board
- Pre-start position, putting on the board
- Drifting with the board, preparing to start
- Getting up on the board
- Riding downwind
- Riding downwind and stopping
- Performing Self Rescue
200 PLN for 1h on water (only 1/1)*
Level III - (4h)
- Riding across the wind
- Correct kite operation while riding
- Speed and course control, edging the board, riding upwind
- Performing basic transitions
200 PLN for 1h on water (only 1/1)*
Level IV - (4h)
Theory and practice:
- Kitesurfing Rules of the Road knowledge
- Concious and independent riding among other users of area
- Riding Switch and Regular
- Performing simple pop jump
- Performing simple jump steering the kite through zenith
200 PLN for 1h on water (only 1/1)*

*(1/1) One instructor / One trainee
*(1/2) One instructor / Two trainees

* KITEBOARDER’S CARD BLUE – can be issued before course and contains two insurance options for the owner to choose from. It is not the kiteboarder’s licence!
* KITEBOARDER’S CARD BLACK – can be issued for person who possess abilities of level 3 or higher

All levels are billed for every hour separately.
Additional lesson: perfecting technique, advanced transitions, higher jumps, freestyle – 250 PLN for 1 hour.

Rental – windsurfing

Equipment 1 hour
Sail + board (for beginners)60 PLN
Sail or board (for beginners)40 PLN
Sail or board (for advanced)70 PLN
Wetsuit30 PLN
Harnesses30 PLN

Rental – windsurfing – packets

Equipment10 hours20 hours
Sail + board
(for beginners)
500 PLN800 PLN

Rental – other equipment

Equipment1 hourPacket
SUP (stand up paddle)50 PLNindividual prices
Kayak30 PLNindividual prices


Board30 PLN per day
Sail30 PLN per day
Sail + board50 PLN per day
For all season 700 PLN

ATTENTION! Before you go on the water, you should read our regulations. Thanks!