Our offer


 Small packet*Big packet**
1 person480 PLN800 PLN
2 people780 PLN1300 PLN
3 people900 PLN1500 PLN
above 3 peopleindividual pricesindividual prices

5 lessons with the instructor + 2 hours surf on your own
(or 6 full lessons with the instructor)

8 lessons with the instructor + 4 hours surf on your own
(or 10 full lessons with the instructor)

One lesson (for beginners) – 100 PLN (per hour)

One lesson (for advanced) – 150 PLN (per hour)

All courses are with:

  • the qualified instructor
  • professional surf equipment
  • the safety vest
  • wetsuit



Level I - part.1 (1.5h)
a) Setting up the equipment
b) Safety system training
c) Wind window theory
d) Safety rules
e) Emergency situations simulation

a) Steering and basic manoeuvers with trainer kite
220 PLN (1/1)*
250 PLN (1/2)*
Level I - part.2 (2h-4h)
a) Steering in low power zone
b) Power control
c) Body dragging downwind
d) Body dragging upwind
e) Safety system in the water
150 PLN (1/1)*
170 PLN (1/2)*
Level II - (6h)
- Body dragging to the board, retriving the board
- Pre-start position, putting on the board
- Drifting with the board, preparing to start
- Getting up on the board
- Riding downwind
- Riding downwind and stopping
- Performing Self Rescue
150 PLN for 1h on water (only 1/1)*
Level III - (4h)
- Riding across the wind
- Correct kite operation while riding
- Speed and course control, edging the board, riding upwind
- Performing basic transitions
150 PLN for 1h on water (only 1/1)*
Level IV - (4h)
Theory and practice:
- Kitesurfing Rules of the Road knowledge
- Concious and independent riding among other users of area
- Riding Switch and Regular
- Performing simple pop jump
- Performing simple jump steering the kite through zenith
150 PLN for 1h on water (only 1/1)*

*(1/1) One instructor / One trainee
*(1/2) One instructor / Two trainees

* KITEBOARDER’S CARD BLUE – can be issued before course and contains two insurance options for the owner to choose from. It is not the kiteboarder’s licence!
* KITEBOARDER’S CARD BLACK – can be issued for person who possess abilities of level 3 or higher

All levels are billed for every hour separately.
Additional lesson: perfecting technique, advanced transitions, higher jumps, freestyle – 200 PLN per 1 hour.

Rental – windsurfing

Equipment 1 hour1 day1 week
Sail + board (for beginners)50 PLN150 PLN500 PLN
Sail + board (for advanced)100 PLN300 PLN600 PLN
Sail or board (for beginners)35 PLN120 PLN380 PLN
Sail or board (for advanced)70 PLN260 PLN520 PLN
Wetsuit20 PLN50 PLN200 PLN
Harnesses25 PLN60 PLN200 PLN

Rental – windsurfing – packets

Equipment10 hours20 hours
Sail + board
(for beginners)
400 PLN600 PLN
Sail + board
(for advanced)
700 PLN900 PLN

Rental – other equipment

Equipment1 hour1 day
SUP (stand up paddle)50 PLN150 PLN
Kayak30 PLN100 PLN


Board15 PLN per day
Sail15 PLN per day
Sail + board20 PLN per day
For all season 700 PLN

ATTENTION! Before you go to swim, you should read our regulations. Thanks!